Have you signed up for more than you can afford? As an accredited debt counselling firm, we are here to help you restructure your debt into affordable monthly payments!

If you’re in need of a debt counselling, look no further! We’ve got your back!
One of our very skilled team members will calculate your debt based on your liabilities which will be measured against your income. You will be required to provide your allocated debt counsellor with documents such as proof of income, bank statements, list of expenses and credit obligations. If you are over-indebted , your debt counsellor will notify the credit bureau that you are undergoing debt counselling. The debt counsellors will contact your creditors thereafter to negotiate to lower your interest rates and credit agreements. HOW DOES DEBT COUNSELLING WORK?
HOW CAN DEBT COUNSELLING HELP YOU? Being in debt can be stressful.
Indebted Solutions aims to help those who are over-indebted to pay off their debts in a structured manner and timeous manner. Speak to one of our agents online to find out more.

• Reduced debt installment.
• Debt review and counselling combines all your debt repayments into one installment.
• No more juggling between payments.
• You pay one affordable installment, less than what you would have paid with a normal consolidation loan.
• No fixed property? No worries!
• Unlike consolidation loans, where you would need fixed property to qualify, Debt Review service is for everyone. Renters, owners, you’re all welcome!
• Immediate cash flow relief from the start.
• Your new installment and the budget that takes care of your family will kick in from the get-go!
• Protection against angry credit providers.
• Debt Solve Inc is the only way to protect your assets like your home or vehicle when finances get tight.
• These benefits and perks will make your life better while getting you out of debt!
• The biggest benefit will be an emotional one. Emotionally you will become relieved from all of the pressure of being overly in debt.

Try our debt calculator!

Net Income (R per month)
Total Monthly Living Expenses (R per month - Rent, Electricity, Food, Medical Aid, Telephone, Transport, etc.)
Total Debt Obligations (R per month - Bond, Vehicle, Loans, Credit Cards, Retail Accounts, Other)
Final Balance
TOTAL: R 0.00
* If you are in a negative amount then you are over indebted. For more help, chat to one of our professional consultants in the chat function on the bottom right of your screen.
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